Double standard

I recently went to another department with one of my colleagues to work on a project. We were there to understand their manual process and the whole idea is to abandon the manual process and let the system does most of the work. It is funny that they were reluctant to accept the system process previously. Well, the main point is not transforming the manual work to a more systematic approach. Instead, they have new chairs!

Okay, during our health and safety training, even a paper cut has to be reported though most people do not report. Once a case is reported, relevant people will start to study the process to prevent the case from occurring again. They got the new chairs because they have complained about the old chairs which caused them backaches. Thus, chairs are considered as part of the safety equipment that protects the employees. However, my manager has been complaining about his backaches and requested for new chair. It took months for it to arrive and it is not as good as what the other department has.

Thinking back, I do not remember the health and safety trainer talked about different grades of safety equipment.

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