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I had my haircut last Saturday which I failed to mention. Well, I literally told the hairdresser that I would like to have my hair shorter by the ears as my hair was covering my ears at that point of time. She proceeded to ask me if I wanted to have just scissor’s cut and I said yes. In the end, she cut my hair to just 2 – 3 inches in general. Erm… indeed, the results were above the ears but it is just too short. Maybe next time, I should tell the hairdresser the correct measurement of how short I would like my hair to be cut.

Few days ago, I posted about selecting mobile phones on All My Review. At the end of the post, I mentioned that I should change my concept that mobile phones are meant to make and receive calls. However, the day has not come because I still could not resist the temptation on buying a feature packed mobile phones. Yeah, I bought a Samsung Omnia i900 just yesterday. It is quite an expensive but good value mobile phone. I was able to cut the cost down by traded in my Sony Ericsson P990i and I got a year’s warranty.

Omnia is a Latin word that means everything. So, it is a mobile phone with just about everything that you can think of in a mobile phone. Samsung Omnia is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 and it has WiFi, 3G, 5MP camera, accelerometer sensor, touch screen, GPS, 8GB storage and etc. initially, I almost buy a normal touch screen mobile phone, Samsung Tocco but the shop has only pink units. Hence, on many thoughts later, I chose Samsung Omnia and I believe that I made the right choice.

I am impressed with the phone even thought some people were complaining about the battery life and such. I am planning to upgrade the ROM to the latest one available but I am still searching for more information as I am worried that the phone might relock itself since it was unlocked by the previous owner. Guess I will need to start asking questions in forums.

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