Late update …

This is quite a late update. I have been playing around with Samsung Omnia and I must admit that is an all rounder mobile phone. I upgraded the ROM to Malaysia version which essentially de-branded it rather than using Vodafone ROM. Well, I am on 3 network anyway. I shall publish more details of my work on All My Reviews.

I went to Tesco Chineham today. It is about 10 minutes away from my place. Weather was nice but there were not as many people as I would have expected because the weather was very nice. As usual, I just grabbed the stuff I wanted to buy and proceeded to the checkout and went home.

One of my housemates just came back from Hungary. Guess that the house will be back to its original state as soon as Mee comes back too. I never met the new housemate because he is not at home most of the time. He will normally go out at about 1400 and come back around 2230.

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