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These days, I find that the internet connection in my workplace is very slow. Sometimes, it was even slower than the connection that I have at home. I wonder if it was caused by some users who choose to utilise the office network for downloading purposes or the IT department restricted the bandwidth. I doubt the latter. I also have difficulties trying to get into Yahoo Mail and some emails that were sent by Mee were received about an hour late.

Screen Protector

Samsung Omnia Screen Protector

I ordered a pack of three LCD protectors for my Samsung Omnia last week and it arrived yesterday. I ordered the pack from and it was packed in a big box. I thought it was kind of a waste because the pack could be fitted nicely in just a small bubble wrapped envelope.

The protectors fitted nicely on the front LCD screen and I wonder if I should use another piece for the back cover. Right now, I can safely use the stylus on my Samsung Omnia as previously; I was quite worried of leaving scratched marks on the LCD screen before applying the protector.

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