Frustrating day …

Late post again. I do not have much time in the office to post these days. Everything went well today until I switched on my computer. The second hard disk corrupted and I have to do a complete format which resulted some data loss. I do not really remember what I have on that drive. Only time will tell. Even though I have formatted it, it seems to be very slow in transferring data. I guess that I have to replace it somehow.

It rained all day long but bright and sunny when I was about to go home. Even though my manager is on leave until next Wednesday, I still have a lot of things to do. Well, we have four people in the team including me, but I felt that we are all doing different scope. My manager’s job is more on data analysis stuffs, my ex manager’s job is some data analysis as well as monitoring of the server and software data, a colleague of mine is in charge of printing of reports and paying attention on the changes of data while I am more on support of everything. However, I enjoy my work since it is a little bit of everything and it all depends on me if I want to take things further.

By the way, I received my Paypal debit card today. I thought it would be a good idea to have the debit card rather than withdrawing the money to my bank account each time.

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