I missed it …

I missed the Earth hour last Saturday night. But I do remember that I was out buying my dinner at that time, though it did not take me an hour to come back. Well, we cannot always remember everything, can we?

The hard disk seems to be working fine again. I believe it was due to the lack of power source from my computer’s power supply. It is only 250W and if I have my DVD-rom attached, it will make funny noises. On the power supply, it also states that it could go as high as 500W which I believe it will just cause the system unstable. When Mee comes back, I will need to discuss with her about getting a new computer with better power supply.

My blog design has stopped and I have not got a clue of when I stopped working on it. There are just too many things to do in the office. Well, I do not usually do anything on the blog when I am at home because it is my time to rest my brain. Somehow, I need to start working on it again.

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