Looking at my current room, I wonder what will be the experience like when it comes the day where Mee and I move out. In the past, I have some quite tiring experiences of moving places especially when I was still in college. I had moved four times during my three years in college. Often, I have to make at least three trips, back and forth in order to complete the move. The good thing was I always have friends to help me to move. That was the same when I moved our from my sister’s place and to my current room. The longer I live at the place, the more things I possess. I believe that goes the same for everyone.

I do not really resort in moving services because I find them kind of expensive. Since I have a car now, most probably, I will still be moving things myself with the help of Mee. How I wish that I can just go around with one or two pieces of luggage which is not quite possible.

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