Slow internet …

The internet connection at my workplace is driving me crazy. It is suppose to be at least 10mb connection but it is even slower than the connection I have at home. This has been going ridiculously slow for the past weeks. Usually, there will be an email sent to all the staffs if the IT department does not seem to notice it. Maybe it is not extremely slow or maybe they have restricted the bandwidth. Well, I would have thought any new policy should be made known to all the staffs. Or someone is downloading something? I cannot believe it.

I have been playing around with my Samsung Omnia although not as much as when I first got the phone. The games that utilise the accelerometer sensor are particularly fun to play but there are not many in the market. Right now, I am trying to customise the shortcuts, tasks, calendar and optimising the navigation so that I can access the functions easily.

These days, I am kind of active in Facebook. I managed to find some old friends and it feels good when you are able to keep in touch with friends. However, I find some of those applications are useless and pointless. I may soon delete some of the applications that are installed in my Facebook profile.

The weather is good these few days and I might take some pictures of my house’s surrounding and post it in Facebook.

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