Good progress …

At last, I have made some good progress on the new design and hopefully it will be introduced soon. Previously, my mind was kind of blank as I stopped at a stage where I was not really sure what I was doing. But now, most things are in place and there are a few tweaks needed to be done before I replace the current template. Fingers crossed!

The weather has turned chilly since yesterday. Luckily, I washed my car last Saturday as the weather was good. I even managed to polish it and it is very shiny now. I have also tidied up the room and I will need to change the bed sheet and vacuum the room just before Mee comes back.

All My Reviews is down at the moment just when I was thinking of updated it today. It has been a while since I last updated it.

My department manager has gone for a long Easter break. My ex-manager has signed another year of contract and I have been with the college for more than a year now.

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