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I watched Manchester United vs Porto and Villarreal vs Arsenal last night. No, I do not have two televisions, I just switched between channels. As you know, none of them is my favourite team. I have to admit that the match between Manchester United and Porto was more exciting. Porto should have won it and they were disappointed by the poor defender’s pass. That was a big mistake. I was less impressed by the way Manchester United especially Ronaldo. He was such a baby. Rooney appeared to be stronger and better player than what I read from the newspaper.

I also cannot believe why the newspapers are making a fuss about the 17-year-old Manchester United player who scored in the match against Aston Villa. The last few pages were all about the goal and the ‘whiz’ kid. I guess I will just want to wait and see how famous that guy can be. It is just like in the old days when Michael Owen scored a goal for England and he was very young at that time. I could not believe it when Liverpool bought him during the transfer season. But maybe, the Liverpool manager at that time did not know how to make the best out of the players. In fact, most of Liverpool managers for the last 10 – 15 years were crapped except Rafa Benitez.

I still have my doubt about how far Liverpool can go this season even though after watching the match as Liverpool beat Real Madrid four nil. The way Liverpool played were impressive as they moved around the pitch and taking control over the match. But the question is still, how long will it last? Liverpool has not been consistent over the past years. As much doubts as I have, I still hope Liverpool will win the remaining all matches. Yes, including Champions League matches.

Well, it will be Liverpool vs Chelsea and Barcelona vs Bayern Munich tonight. It will be interesting to watch the latter match but I think I will stick to Liverpool vs Chelsea.

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