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The crime in UK seems to be on the rise. But according to my ex-lecturer, she once told us that when bad things are on the rise, we should also be happy because good things are happening at the same time. Even some UK government ministers are abusing their power by claiming tax payers’ money for their own cause. I believe that UK has the highest tax reduction rate.

I recently watched a tv show called the Secret Millionaire where each show, there will be a millionaire volunteers to go to a place in UK to help the poor by donating a certain amount of money. The people who the millionaire helps maybe an individual or people working for charity organisation. It is up to the millionaire to help who and he or she can also help everyone he or she has come across.

If only all the millionaires help in a similar way like the show, there may not be such a great gap between the rich and the poor. I wonder how many episodes the Secret Millionaire last. Most of the secret millionaires donated quite a large amount to charity organisation. In one of the episodes, there were a few drug abusers who benefit from the local charity organisation which they believe the way the charity organisation helps them are better than in drug rehab.

If I were a millionaire, I wonder if I would do the same like they have done in the show.

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