Easter holiday …

Last Thursday was an important day. Mee’s filght arrived at Heathrow’s Terminal 3 at around 1630 and she came out from the security checks after an hour later. The airport was very busy at that time, unlike Terminal 4 which was very quite when I came back here last February. As it was Good Friday, the news reported that there would be major traffic jams on the motorway especially near the airport. Hence, I decided to set off early. The traffic was heavy but it only took an extra 10 minutes or so for me to get to the airport. Well, it was not that bad as reported. However, on the way back, the traffic was slightly worse as it was after office hours.

The next day, Mee woke up at around 0500 – 0600 and she cooked instant noodles while I was still sleeping. The next few days, she woke up at around 0700 while I struggled to wake up. I believe that Mee is still jet-lagged but it would be a good practice if she could wake up early everyday, erm … not like me though.

Yesterday, we made a trip to a Chinese Supermarket in Reading, called See Woo Reading. One of my colleagues told me about it when I first joined the workplace. Well, it was quite small compared to Wing Yip Colindale and Wing Yip Croydon. There were not many things to see and we hardly bought anything in the end. There are some big stores around the area and we decided to just walk around. I was attracted to PC World and Currys as Mee and I have decided to purchase a new computer since the current one has been causing some problem; firstly, the second hard disk was corrupted and I lost all my data on that drive and secondly, the system hung anytime it likes and sometimes, it could not boot into Vista at all.

The option of replacing the current computer casing is not feasible and we purchased a new computer just last night. You can read more about the specifications at All My Reviews.

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