Busy at work

Phew… I have been quite busy today. And it is so hot that even my wisdom tooth starts bothering me now. In fact, my wisdom tooth had given me problems days ago. I thought that it had recovered but the whole situation seems to be far from over, sadly.

The last thing I was trying to do was to export some data to a web based system. It is not a very tedious process if the data was exported successfully. However, what I got back from the system were three files with an error message which should not be an error. After numerous tries of exporting and changing of data, I gave up and escalated the error to our supplier.

In the meantime, my manager was trying to figure out two phrases; franchise in and franchise out. Well, figuring out the two phrases proved to be quite a problem because not many people can really explain the phrases properly, not even the department manager. Hmm.. they should have made some notes while they were able to differentiate franchise in and franchise out!

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