Just what is the ideal weight?

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Weight loss, weight loss and weight loss. My colleagues were talking about this topic this morning. It seems to be a hot topic at the moment or is it just because 90% of my colleagues are ladies? Even Mee and her family were talking about dieting as mentioned in my previous post. The question is what is the best weight loss supplement? Or should it be a question of what is the best weight loss method? The fact is different people have different reaction towards different products. I still believe that eat healthily and exercise are more than enough.

Soon, I will start again my survey which I had left it stalling after I came back from Malaysia; the gym membership’s survey. Mee and I need to do some serious exercise now. Because of the weather and our working hours, it is a bit difficult to do some outdoor exercise. Yeah, it is correct that indoor exercise is not as good as outdoor exercise but it is still better than doing nothing. I have considered Nintendo Wii Fit but that will just make our room smaller, haha.

However, one question remains. Why there are not many people mentioning weight gain?

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