Regarding my new design …

I received a few comments from Mee and one of my friends about the new blog design.

Heavy Loading
Unfortunately, I am not sure whether I can do something about this. I reckon that it loads faster than the previous design because I have removed quite a lot of coding, scripts, plugins and advertisement. But one thing that I noticed while I was in Malaysia was that my blog certainly looked heavyweight during loading.

Another explanation maybe regards to the different network and bandwidth in each country. My blog is hosted in US, so it will be slower to load it using Malaysia network. It is also the same case when I try to browse Malaysia’s websites (loading Celcom website and Lelong website takes ages).

The Design
It seems to Mee that the new design is good but not as good as to replace the previous design. Hmm… this is a tough one. Indeed, the time I spent on this new design was only two days and it took a few more days to replace the old design was due to testing and checking the links.

First, I need to find something to replace the picture. Or change the layout again so that the picture is in a better position. To Mee, it is difficult for her to read the posts because they are on the right hand side. Indeed, a good design has to have the links on the right and texts on the left (just like my good old blog design). Somehow, I tend to be different. Like my old blog design, I do not have borders and have designed a logo at the top right side.

Second, I might change it to white background; if I were to change the layout.

Third, I need more time in the toilet. It seems to me that I always get design ideas while in the toilet, hehe!

Highslide JS

The Good Old Layout

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