Insurance again

One of my friends has joined the world of insurance. He is one of my best friends and we still keep in touch with each other even though we are at different parts of the world; through e-mail. As I though that it is time that I think about buying insurance, I asked some advice from him. It is kind of difficult thing to do because I am living in UK now and buying insurance from my friend will mean that I need to go back to Malaysia to sign the document. On the other hand, the monthly repayment is still a concern and the medical card cannot be used in UK.

In the past, I received some calls from banks like Halifax and Abbey introducing their insurance policies like no medical exam life insurance and low monthly repayment which sometimes sound a little too good to be real. I rejected them even though I was very interested. For me, I like to investigate and know the options that I have when I am about to purchase or subscribe something especially insurance as it needs consistent payment and commitment. Well, maybe it is not a good time for me to buy insurance at the moment, or maybe I should just take the initiative and look around when I have the time.

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