A few updates …

Sadly, my grandma passed away last Friday. She was 83-year-old. However, I am glad that I was able to see her during this year’s Chinese New Year yet sad because I was not there for the mourning ceremony. But I did call back home and was told that everything was fine.
Our car was sent into the college’s workshop the previous Monday. Upon checking, I needed to wait for another two weeks to get the part. Coincidentally, two weeks from now, Mee and I will be on our Italy trip. The good thing to have our car checked at college’s workshop is that they are not likely to incur charges if change of parts is not necessary.
Our old computer is acting extremely weird. A wrong click will cause it to hang. The problem is that we do not even know which will be the wrong click. The truth is it just hangs anytime it likes. All the problems will be gone soon as our new computer is expected to arrive today. The tracking status was ‘Out for Delivery’ at 0805 and has not updated since. I am so anxious and I think I will go crazy if it does not arrive today.

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