Away from blackie, comes the cleaner look …

The new computer arrived two days ago as expected. It looks great and I just love it. No more sudden shut down or restart and no more blue screen of death. Read more over at All My Reviews.

I have decided, yet again, to change this blog design. Hmm.. this is the fifth design and I am abandoning it. The new design presents everything in a clearer way, hopefully. And I have abandoned the idea of using black as the background color. I hope that I will be able to launch it this weekend.

The weather has turned good these few days compared to raining days last week. My manager will be on leave next week while I will be on leave the week after as Mee and I will be going to Italy. And my manager will be on leave again the week after I come back from Italy. Anyway, Mee and I are very eager for our week to come.

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  1. Paul Chaston

    I have a machine which keeps displaying the blue screen of death, its home built and the most likely reason is poor or faulty ram. When I have some spare cash I`ll replace it.

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