How to Tell if a Company is Going Bust …

Graph Going Down

I just read this interesting fact from Yahoo. The global recession is certainly something that most people are very aware of and listed below are some hints on how to tell if a company is going bust.

  1. A decline in the level of work going through the factory or workshop, or a drastic decline in level of sales
  2. Anxiety on part of staff, or increased levels of stress exhibited by proprietors
  3. ‘Unusual’ meetings, or cancellation of company parties and social events
  4. Proprietor telling receptionists to tell callers that they are not in
  5. Employees will often become aware that the employer is not paying creditors in a timely manner or is taking extended credit
  6. Salary cuts or redundancies – especially if there are several rounds within a short space of time
  7. Visits from bailiffs
  8. The disappearance of water coolers and pot plants from around the office

Yahoo – How to Tell if a Company is Going Bust

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