Italy trip’s preparation …

Our Italy’s trip preparation is going smoothly at the moment. Mee has packed half of her things while I will pack mine tomorrow. Last night, we booked two tours; an all day Rome tour and Florence to Pisa tour. We initially planned to put a Florence tour into our trip but we find it a bit too rush unless we stay overnight at Florence. I have listed out the places of interest and also print out the map that shows the places of interest. In addition, I have had my Samsung Omnia equipped with IGO8 navigator loaded with Italy map as well as Italian translator. The translator may not be very useful but it is better than nothing.

Internet access seems not to be as easy as I thought it will be. Apparently, the free wireless connectivity requires users to have a mobile number which I do not think that UK number can be used over there. On the other hand, there are paid hotspot services from €2.95 per hour of wireless surfing. Well, we will see how it goes when we get there then.

Below is the picture which I took on Wednesday while I was driving home from work. It might be the driver forgot about the oil filler cover or it cannot be closed at all.

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