Crowded town

A walk in town today, I could see lots of people shopping. I went into some travel agencies to check out the foreign exchange rate but they only offer good pound to euro rates of about 1.07 to 1.08 if the amount to exchange is more than £500. Eventually, I went into an independent money exchanger and I was told the rate was 1.08 for any amount. Surprisingly, I was given 1.10 when I went ahead with the transaction.

Apparently, strollers were everywhere; McLaren strollers, Bob stroller, big and small ones, three-wheeled and even four-wheeled stroller. Families packed the travel agencies, browsing through travel catalogues and booking their trips. I am quite glad that Mee and I booked our Italy trip online as we have saved the hassle of being in queue. In addition, we can take our time in searching for the trip that suits us and make decision at any time we like.

While I was in Festival Place, I took a picture of the innovative chairs provided for customers to rest.

Highslide JS

Innovative Chair

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