Busy at work, heart-shaped watermelon …

I have been telling Mee that I am busy at work. My manager is on leave again for this whole week. Actually, his absence or presence does not make much difference on my workload because our job scopes are different. It is quite funny when I think about it because there are four of us in a team and all four of us are in charge of different things. So, what happens if some of us are not around? Well, we do know a bit of everything but in some cases, it would be best to leave it until the person on leave, comes back.

While I was in Malaysia, I replied an email sent by my department manager. Immediately after I replied, I received two emails: one from my manager and one from my department manager, both telling me that I do not need to reply any emails while on leave. Hence, I thought it would be best to leave the on leave colleagues alone unless something very important crops up.

A heart-shaped watermelon is being produced in Japan. And it costs around £105. Nice but pricey!!!


Heart-shaped Watermelon

Japan Probe

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