Spring cleaning and Aquadrome we go …

Spring cleaning time! I have been talking about this for such a long time that I think that it is time to take some action. I will now start to re-categorise my posts and I will start from the very first post. This is the 673rd post and I have only gone through the first 8th post. Only time will time if I have the determination. In addition, I ought to do something on my other blog too: All My Reviews. The code is a mess and it is not loading properly in Internet Explorer. Again, only time will tell once I am done with this blog.

One of the reasons of re-categorising this blog is that I need to change the link of all the images from short URL to long URL. Erm… in short, I have to change something like /image/sample.jpg to http://myi4u.me/image/sample.jpg. And the reason behind this is simply because I would like to use the pretty URL plugin that comes with Flatpress. If you just view one of my posts and look at the long URL in the address link, you will see something like http://myi4u.me/?x=entry:entry080129-132340. If I were to use the pretty URL, the full URL will look prettier than that. Simple as that!


At last, both Mee and I signed up for Gym and Pool membership at Aquadrome. We compared it to the Sports Centre in town but still prefer Aquadrome as Aquadrome is near to the place we live and it has a huge free parking area. We were also surprised because we were not charged for the month of May and straightaway, we used the gym and spa after we got our membership card.

Well, the staff who signed us up was reluctant to encourage us to use the gym before an induction is done. Unfortunately for her, we went ahead and used the gym even though our induction was booked on this Saturday. It felt great since we never did any proper sport activities since we moved to Basingstoke.

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