Aquadrome, our second home …

It has been a week since Mee and I joined Aquadrome. We went there almost every night and now we are planning to join the classes. There are quite a lot of classes and we are hopeful that we can find classes that suit our time, which will be in the evening. In addition, I hope to learn swimming too even though I am a bit reluctant. “I don’t like to swim” is the line I always say, or excuse, maybe.

Anyway, it feels great every night after workout and spa. We are glad that we made the right decision as Aquadrome is near to the place we live and there is a huge free parking area. Most importantly, it opens during bank holiday too.

As we came out from Aquadrome yesterday, it was dark already. Mee quoted that it does not feel good to come out from Aquadrome while the sky is still bright.

My manager is back now. As I said, it does not mean anything as I am still busy. Well, it is good in a way that I have someone to consult. It is good to be busy too because at the end of the day, I will have a taste of Mee’s cooking and a nice workout plus the use of relaxing health suite.

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