Broadband connection

Soon our Virgin Media’s Broadband speed will be increased to 10MB once the upgrade in our area is completed. And most importantly, that is a free upgrade. Hmm… I am just wondering how fast it would be or how efficient it claims to be. Downloading a song in less than 1 second?

Well, now I wonder if I should keep our computer switched ‘On’ the next time we go back to Malaysia. That way, I can access our computer files from Malaysia rather than taking my portable hard disk with me which is kind of heavy since I got my netbook to bring back too. The only thing that worries me is that I have to have the computer switched ‘On’ 24 hours a day with the room locked and no supervision whatsoever. Say that I am timid but I am just not prepared to do things which are out of my control.

There is also a device called Slingbox which enables users to view TV programs on laptop or mobile phone anywhere in the world. That way, I can easily watch UK programs while I am in Malaysia. On second thought, I will need broadband access whereas my parents only have dial up connection. Maybe mobile broadband will do the job just fine. There are also other Sling-y products which enables users to network devices such as computer, slingbox, game consoles from different rooms! Hmm…. I believe this Slingbox is better than the traditional TV to PC devices as all it needs is only Ethernet connection rather than composite/RGB cables.

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