Work in progress : Italy …

The weather is getting better now; bright and sunny. I think Mee and I joined Aquadrome at the right time because it would take longer time to adjust ourselves if we joined during winter. You know, going in and out of Aquadrome when the weather is freezing and having to wear huge and thick jacket is just so inconvenient. At least we are now familiar with the place and come winter, I guess we will need two lockers per person.

My manager is off sick today. I thought of getting a day off next week but maybe, I will talk to my department manager.

Mee's Birthday


Hmm… I have to step up a gear in writing our trip in Italy. Otherwise, I will forget all about it. So far, I have written only two days worth of our trip. In fact, I have only completed the first day while the second day is still in progress. All I need to do is to attach some photos and the post about our first day in Italy will be completed.

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