Sorting out my car

My car is in the college’s workshop. The staff who checked my car previously was not in the college last week because it was a non teaching week. I handed my key over to him just now and he asked again whether it was the engine light problem. I nodded and he said that he will check it again.

I was a bit puzzled because he had checked it a few times before this and the last he told me was that I need to change the oxygen sensor. I told him about it and he insisted of checking it again. Well, maybe he just wants to make sure that engine light problem does not cause other problems. Anyway, the college’s workshop does not incur labour charges.

Come next month, I will need to source for auto insurance. I do hope that my auto insurance will go down since I did not claim anything over the past year. As before, I will look into several auto insurance comparison websites before deciding which one to buy.

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