Yesterday, my Birthday …

Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards – 03/06/2009

I took a day off yesterday to get some rest as well as celebrating my birthday with Mee. Well, it was not really a fancy celebration and Mee made a cake for me as well as treated me to Beefeater, a chargrill restaurant located near the place we live. The food was nice and we loved it. Best of all, they were priced reasonably. The weather was great throughout the day though it got cold in the evening. Bad enough, I have flu but I blame it to the weather because our room gets dusty very quickly.

The day before, we had our first Step. It was like an aerobic dance. There were all ladies except me and I felt awkward at first. Anyway, it was just an exercise and Mee and I have agreed that we will put our name on next week’s schedule.

As you may have already noticed, I have added RSS feeds to my other blog, All My Reviews. This serves as an announcement to whatever I have posted on All My Reviews. In addition, I am looking forward to updating it as regularly as possible in order to bring up-to-date news and reviews.

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