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I started another blog, All My Reviews with the hope of making My Ideas 4 You a more personal blog while any reviews that I have can be written specially for All My Reviews. I think that I did a good job now except that some of the reviews are not about the latest stuffs. Another problem is that I have not been updating it consistently and regularly which I think, is about to change, hopefully.

Still, all the reviews are my personally thought and I may or may not have used the product myself. Nevertheless, I have more knowledge on technology reviews rather than medical reviews such as colon cleanse reviews and the likes due to the fact that I always pursue latest technology while I only take vitamin supplements rather than botox.

Time is essential in making things successful. In the past, all I did is to go to work and then back to home. Now that Aquadrome is in our evening slot and I hardly have the time for blogging except for weekend. Since then, things have been slow for me and I could organise myself well enough. However, I am glad to say that I have put things in order and I have been doing great at work, blog and life too.

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