Benefits of Spa Pool (Jacuzzi) …

Three weeks after Mee and I joined Aquadrome, we have only used the sauna three times at most and for the past two days, the spa pool was not working either. We were assured that the spa pool should be working today, hopefully. Well, that kind of routine that Mee and I have setup seems to be disrupted since only one of the three health suites’ facilities is available.

Surprisingly, it is a little bit harder to find the benefit of spa pool. I would have thought that spa is a little bit more popular than steam or sauna.

Health benefits

  • mitigates the symptoms of muscle strains, sprains, and many other injuries
  • increases blood flow and circulation
  • alleviates back pain
  • eases the symptoms of arthritis
  • brings the body into a more calm and liberated state
  • encourages a deep, restful sleep
  • diminishes chronic pain
  • reduces blood sugar levels for Type 2 diabetics
  • helps restore range of motion
  • speeds the elimination of toxins, which are replaced by oxygen and the body’s natural nutrient
  • may help lower blood pressure

Spa Pool Benefits

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