Gym classes and the new PayU2Blog …

Not so good weather today. Yesterday, Mee and I had our second Step class. The instructor reckoned that it was easier than the first class we had but it was not. However, we still enjoyed it and there was a lady who told us to relax because it took her 6 months to familiarize Step. Today, we book ourselves into another class called Body Attack. This is supposed to be a fast pace exercise session. Well, I am always reluctant to learn new things but once I start it, I do not really care about it anymore. Still, Mee and I think we will enjoy Body Attack as much as we enjoy Step and Pilates.

In addition, I am also thinking of taking up swimming lessons. It is always good to learn something which I do not know and swimming is kind of good fun. The class will start at the end of June and that leaves me some time to think.

I was surprised when I logon to PayU2Blog just now as they have changed the logon page design. It certainly looks better than before. However, once inside, it is still the same and I do hope that they will improve on the loading of tasks which I find a little bit slow.



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