More meetings

Meeting, meeting and meeting. I do not usually involved in many meetings, but when I do have, they are then scheduled altogether. I had an hour long discussion with my manager on Wednesday and an hour long department meeting yesterday. Next week, I will be joining a meeting in which they will be discussing a database that I have created. And another meeting to be confirmed. In fact, I even got mixed up with the time of the meetings and I have to constantly check my calendar in order to remind and prepare myself towards the particular meeting.

The department meeting made me realised that I will be getting busier. In fact, the whole department will get busier. I mentioned ‘I’ because a few upcoming tasks will be handed over to me.

In addition, there will be a couple of apprentices joining the other departments which are under the same department manager as us. However, all the while, I have only heard about sales manager jobs advertised but not these two positions. Surely, there will be exciting days ahead!

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