Father’s day …

Do you celebrate Father’s day? Well, most people do but my family members do not celebrate, not once. We do not even celebrate birthdays, not even greetings. Maybe, that is just my family’s culture. Mee’s family members are completely opposite. They send cards to each other, they go out for dinners to celebrate; Mother’s day, Father’s day, birthdays and other memorable dates.

It is good to always have gathering between family members but as we grow up, it gets tougher to even have a drink together. Everyone will have their own schedule or timetable; family commitments, work or going out with friends. The only time that we actually think about each other is on those dates. It is a shame, really but deep down; I know that we are always together.

I do not even think that my father knows when Father’s day is until he sees advertisement or hears people talking about it.

And yes, the present. It is always hard to get a present for a man compared to a woman. I tried getting my father a wallet before but he thought that it was too big. I still think that he would be glad to have it but he just did not know how to accept it. If I were to buy shirts or trousers, I have to consider the size, the design and the colour. Same goes to belt or underwear.

I guess, it is good not to have many celebrations because buying presents is a tough job.

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