Weight gaining

Mee and I are satisfied with our current progress at Aquadrome. We enjoy the classes like step, body attack and pilates. We intend to join other classes but some classes are scheduled on weekdays’ morning or afternoon. With the amount of exercise we are doing at the moment, I start to eat more than what I usually eat and I also try to eat some snack in between meals.

I have also started to consume Maximuscle Progain as a protein supplement. There is not much left in it and soon, I will be looking at some other similar products such as PhD and Stemulite. PhD is recommended by my trainer but I find that Stemulite has quite a complete range of products to cater different types of workout. Furthermore, products recommended by professional sportsmen and sportswomen such as Roger Craig, Natalie Waples and many more could not go too wrong, in my opinion.

There are various discounts which are up to 40% and free shipping on all orders over $99 which sound like a very good deal. Furthermore, there is a support hotline ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding the natural and great tasting Stemulite. After having looked at Stemulite, I cannot wait to finish my Maximuscle Progain and start ordering Stemulite products.

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