More workouts …

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As scheduled, I went to gym after I took Mee to work. I had planned to do the routine weighing programme, setup by our instructor but I was interrupted half way. Our Pilates instructor came to me and asked if I would like to join the cycling class. It is called RPM and apparently, there were four absentees. I agreed. I always thought that it would be a boring class as it is only about cycling. Well, I was wrong. It exercised almost every body parts and listening to the music while exercising definitely makes a difference, as said by Mee.

In addition, the Body Attack class we attended on Wednesday was really fast-paced. We hardly had the breath to catch up after 30 minutes. But it was great fun and the instructor was great too. She was very active and she monitored almost everyone’s progress throughout her class. She even came to us, as we were new, and told us how we were doing.

Soon, I might take up swimming lessons. Hmm, joining Aquadrome is like going back to school for Mee and me! But we enjoyed it though.

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