Trouble days …

Guess what? Our car’s engine light is still illuminating. It has been like more than two months and each time, the guy who checked our car was just clearing the light and told me that it should be working fine after that. However, each time he cleared the engine light, it came on a few days later. Our car was in the workshop yesterday for the fourth time and this time, he told me that the oxygen sensor needs to be changed. Great! It was even greater when he told me that it is better not to drive the car. What was he doing all the time with our car then?

He can only get a new oxygen sensor next Monday. And it is always Monday when he has the time to check cars. The more I think of it, the angrier I get, Mee too. I have since decided to send our car into a local garage for repair. Phew, I have been calling the garages around and I got all sorts of prices. I wonder how reliable they will be.

In the end, I booked an appointment with a local garage recommended by my landlord. It will cost about £30 more than what the college’s workshop will charge me. Mee and I believe that it is worth to have our car repaired sooner rather than next Monday.

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