Engine light off …

I am at work at the moment. I took half day off this morning just to get our car done. Mee and I reached the workshop at around 0800. We were told to come back in a couple of hours but we thought of waiting at the workshop since it will only take half an hour to change the part. The mechanic then told us that the shop that sells the part will only open at 0830 and the part will reach them at 0930. We still chose to wait. At 0900, we were again, told that the part will not arrive until 1200. Mee was totally frustrated but what can we do? I had already asked him if he could fix it on that day and he told me that the part was there already.

As promised, the mechanic was able to work on our car when we arrived at around 1200. In about 30 minutes time, the engine light was not illuminating anymore and hope it stays that way. I wonder if I should go back to that workshop again as I need to change our car’s cambelt soon. Maybe I will get a few quotes first before making a decision.

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