Car schedules

I am not sure whether I had mentioned this before. I have got rid of the engine light problem of our car and now, I have to book our car in for wheel alignment, cambelt change and a full service. I am not planning on doing them altogether but that leave me deciding which one to go first. I think that I will get the wheel alignment done first since it is a relatively quick job. Cambelt change costs a lot and I believe that I should schedule it after I bought my car insurance policy. Full service should be the last since our car had a service just three months ago.

I have used most of the auto insurance quotes comparison websites but it seems that they do not have very good deals to choose. My first insurance policy was with Llyods. The deal was to have 12 months insurance policy for the price of 11 months. The best deal I can get now is from Churchil and it offers free breakdown cover too. Well, the price I was quoted by Churchil was not even listed on major price comparison websites.

In addition, I thought I would try out since it advertises a lot with people saying how easy it is to use. To my disappointment, the website is slow and it really is confusing.

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