Poor Three Customer Services …

Mee’s Sony Ericsson C903 was supposed to arrive yesterday. I called to the Three customer services once yesterday and I was assured that it will arrive today. However, Mee received a sms message saying that the delivery will be delayed until tomorrow. Hence, I called the Three customer services again and I was then assured that it will be delivered by today but there was no consignment number to check on the delivery status. She told me to call to the parcel delivery company to check on the item but without the consignment number, the parcel delivery company could do nothing. I then called back Three customer services again and this time round, the guy told me that there is no way he can check the delivery status without a consignment item. They all talk but nothing was done. I intend to call again when I got home or maybe sooner.

Upon checking my USB thumb-drive yesterday, I found out that there are two articles which I have not published in All My Reviews. Hmm.. I shall publish one today and another one two days later. I wonder how long they have been sitting in my thumb-drive.

One thing that you might have noticed on both My Ideas 4 You and All My Reviews is the post links. I have successfully implemented the prettyURLs where each individual post’s URL will look better than the old one which is long and contains symbols. There still some minor glitches though but those are on the administrator side of things and should not cause too much problems when viewing the posts.

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