Phone will arrive today …

I have not been reporting the weather in the last few posts. Well, overall, it has been hot for the last two days or so. It was cloudy this morning though but now, it is bright and sunny. Weird weather as always.

The body attack class Mee and I attended yesterday was very tiring. The instructor claimed that it was her new release and indeed, it was exciting and at the same time tiring than previous weeks.

By the way, I have made little changes to the outlook of All My Reviews. It should run a bit faster and cleaner now. As mentioned before, I am not intending to change the outlook of All My Reviews at this moment.

As said, I called Three customer services when I got home yesterday. The same old excuses were given to me but fortunately, Mee got a text message this morning saying that the delivery will be today. I called again a few hours ago to obtain the consignment number and upon checking the parcel delivery tracking website, the phone was out for delivery as early as 0751. I have not received any notification from Mee and the parcel delivery tracking website has not been updated. I would assume that it has not reached Mee yet.

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