More new things …

Finally, Sony Ericsson C903 arrived at around 1500. The phone was packed in a small box and the phone looks great. I was more exited than Mee though because I like new things especially gadgets. But who does not like new things?

Recently, whenever I log on to my VirginMedia account, there is a message requesting me to contact their customer services regarding my VirginMedia account. I called just now and I was told that in a few months time, my broadband speed will be upgraded from 2MB to 10MB for free. Nice one! But how many months are few months? Previously, I was told the latest will be in October time, but who knows? Anyway, 2MB is fast enough at the moment and I do not expect a drastic improvement when my account is upgraded to 10MB.

Next month, I will be tied up with my work. I will have to work in two evenings during the enrolment periods and on the 7th of July, I will be going to London for a training course to upgrade my knowledge on UK education funding.

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