Busy days ahead …

Today is the last day of June, which marks the beginning of July. And it also marks the beginning of busy weeks ahead for me. As mentioned, there will be a training on the second week of July, a second training plus evening work on the third week of July and tons of tasks and projects to follow up. Busy is good though.

Few weeks ago, I top-up my mobile with a £10 top-up voucher. I was then given free 300 text messages and 150MB internet usage for 90 days. I thought the 150MB internet usage is just a small amount and I could have used it up very soon. However, I log on to my emails, facebook and twitter almost everyday since last week and I have only used up 5MB.


I had my first swimming lesson yesterday. Quite fun though but the instructor was off sick and he was replaced by a temporary instructor. I thought the whole lesson was a bit hurried and not taught properly. Anyway, that was only the first lesson and I am sure that I will be better than I was before.

One response on “Busy days ahead …

  1. lunaticg

    If you can give your phone to me. Will try to help you finish the remaining 145MB. Kekekekeke…
    See you around.

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