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Most of my blog’s traffic comes from Entrecard and Adgitize. Entrecard traffic will depend on how many drops I make for a day while I get around 100 hits through Adgitize. I post random topics on My Ideas 4 You and that is part of the reason why I need Entrecard and Adgitize to increase my traffic. In addition, I do not much time leaving comments on other blogs or being active in forums to promote my blogs. And again, Entrecard and Adgitize have helped a lot to advertise my blogs.

Adgitize your web site.

It costs $14 to advertise a month on Adgitize and you can earn it back by getting points through visiting other Adgitize user blogs as well as making a post a day. The points will then be calculated into money. So far, I have made $12.58 with another eight days remaining. Indeed, Adgitize is a great way to promote blogs but I wish that the network could be larger. Another thing which I find frustrated with Adgitize is that I have to login twice in order to view my account details. Please do not ask me why as I could not provide the answer either.

On the other hand, you could earn $10 per 10,000 ECs with Entrecard but I thought the payment is too slow. It has been weeks and I have only received $10 while another $30 is in pending. However, it is still a great tool to increase traffic.

3 responses on “Entrecard and Adgitize …

  1. myi4u

    another weird thing is that my Total Publisher Clicks Earned Today will always and only reach up to 51. No more than that.

  2. Nicole

    I agree with you on Adgitize needing a larger network. And the log in thing was giving me problems, but it started to work properly recently.
    Please stop by my blog!

  3. cornyman

    Hello there,

    that is great that you reached already your payout after 20 days and i guess you will reach the 14 $ before your ad will expire, so that the ad costs you in the end NOTHING. Perhaps you will earn in the end around 3 or 4 $, this is one of the best deals i have ever seen!

    Do you want to maximize your earnings in Adgitize. Here is http://theoneminuteguide.blogspot.com –> how to earn more money with Adgitize. Look in the Archive in May 2009!

    Good luck and we will see us again soon, will drop by again!

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