Aston Martin’s Cygnet


Aston Martin’s Cygnet

Aston Martin, the carmaker that manufactures a series of sports cars, is launching its very own luxury and eco-friendly mini car. The £20,000 Cygnet certainly does not have a mini price tag. In addition to it, Cygnet is only available exclusively for Aston Martin’s owner who does want to drive luxury in a mini car.

Now, I wonder if Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or other luxury car makers will follow the suit. Imagine that Ferrari launches a mini Ferrari which uses some Ferrari parts. I believe that not many people will be able to own a mini Ferrari but Cygnet is in a different case though. It is almost a duplicate of Toyota IQ, which costs half the price of a Cygnet. Hence, the extra £10,000 is probably spent on the interior and half of the parts should be compatible with a Toyota IQ.

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