Exciting weekend

Come Sunday, Mee and I will have another test. Well, it is not a test as in examination but a test of our physical assessment. Yea, our instructor would like to know our progress at the gym. We feel great because we exercise regularly and I have my protein drink to boost my training. I had Maximuscle Progain in the first few weeks of training but it was not as good as Maximuscle Promax. However, the PhD Synergy ISO-7 that I have now is cheaper yet it performs well as compared to MAximuscle Promax.

In fact, I have gained 4kg since we joined Aquadrome, if the mechanical scale is correct. Thus, I am quite excited to see how well we fare as the test will be done on an electronic machine. As for Mee, she has the ideal BMI but she still thinks that she could get slimmer or less weight. Some apidexin review shows that it has no side effect and a lot of users have posted good reviews on apidexin. Still, I believe that good workout and healthy diet will have better effect while apidexin may be a last resort for some people. Women just do not seem to satisfy with their weight, do they?

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