Work update …

It is kind of cold at the moment even though it is bright and sunny. Last night, I tried to sleep as early as possible. In fact, I slept an hour earlier than normal but I still feel sleepy and tired now. I can hardly think at the moment. Luckily, I have some tasks that required me to move around the college and that should keep me awake.

Tomorrow, I will be going to London for college related training. According to the training’s schedule, it should finish by 1600. I then have to come back to my workplace and work for the rest of the evening. Depending on the train service reliability, I should reach Basingstoke before 1800. In addition, the evening work will continue for the next day. Hence, I have to cancel my gym classes for tomorrow as well as Wednesday.

3 responses on “Work update …

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    Simply just needed to say I truly enjoy your work on this blog and the quality posts you make. These type of posting are what keeps me going through the day time.

  2. myi4u

    Hi Garry, I take warm shower every morning and a cup of coffee in the office but sometimes, I still feel sleepy, like today!

  3. Garry

    I find when I wake up without a lot of energy and feeling tired, I take a luke warm shower and this usually does the trick and gets me ready for the adventure of another new day in this crazy place called London….

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