Day trip to London and a hectic schedule …

As mentioned, I went to London yesterday. The weather was good in the morning and I have no problems finding the hotel. The training was held in Chepstow Hall, Kensington Close Hotel. The venue was quite good and the presenter did try to keep the topic interesting throughout. He managed to finish his presentation on time and I managed to come back in time for my evening work. It rained on the way back.

Mee went to Aquadrome herself and she attended the step class. I made a mistake by saying that I have to work two evenings. Apparently, the email stated 7th of July and 8th of September which I misinterpreted as 7th and 8th of July. Thus, I am able to attend today’s Body Attack class. Our schedule at Aquadrome is even hectic nowadays as we try to slot in swimming on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So far, I am able to swim without support but I have difficulty in breathing properly. I will have a go at it tonight.

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