Samsung Omnia i900 can do more …

My manager will be on two weeks holiday from next week. I wonder what it will like because he has never taken two weeks holiday in a row. Anyway, I will be just doing my normal job and I will be planning my own holiday as soon as he comes back from his holiday.

Unknowingly, I have started browsing for games and applications for my Samsung Omnia i900. I guess that I am growing a bit tired with it because of the lack of customisations and software that are available to Samsung Omnia i900. After searching through my favourite forum, iPmart Forum and xda developer forum, I found out that there were quite a lot of development going on for Samsung Omnia i900 or equivalent cell phones.

As a result, I altered a bit on my SPB Mobile Shell’s skin and I will find some time to customise the extra panels and layouts that I get from the forums. In addition, I found myself downloading Prince of Persia for mobile and I wonder if I will be interested in playing it since I have my PSP already. Anyway, these are the things that I will be trying and I hope that I will be able to post something about them on All My Reviews.

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