Disastrous day

This morning was kind of disaster. My spinning instructor is away for a week and today’s spinning class was replaced by another ‘instructor’. Well, that instructor was incompetent and not as good as the usual spinning instructor. She could not lead the group well and she had to catch her own breath in which she stopped and watched us spinning. When she stopped, she would look around and walk while shouting at us to carry on and spin as hard as we could. One guy left the class as soon as the instructor came in and I knew the reason at the end of the class.

In the evening, I went to Aquadrome again with Mee and we met our gym instructor. We chat a while and found out that he will be going to a party tonight. He even has a Halloween invitations already. That is kind of too early to have a Halloween invitation. By the way, this week is the customer satisfaction week and it ends tomorrow. We went to meet the facility manager, who holds the customer satisfaction week, a few days ago to comment about the facilities. Overall, the staffs were alright but it was the cleanliness that we stressed to the facility manager. Let’s hope that he will do a good job after the customer satisfaction week.

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