Start of yet another busy week

Start from tomorrow, it will be two weeks without my manager. I will have to do and decide almost everything on my own. I still have my department manager and ex-manager to consult though. The one thing which gives me headache would be the integration of barcodes to our existing system. There are other tasks that require attention too but it is the deadlines that separate them all. A complete set of barcode printer, barcode scanner and barcode software are necessary but it is the integration that seems to be impossible. Well, who would want to integrate barcoding to a system that is not developed by them? Even our system supplier does not have that kind of solution. Thus, I believe that it will be up to our department manager to decide whether or not the integration plays an important role in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the project.

Again, tomorrow indicates the start of yet another busy week at Aquadrome; swimming, classes and weights. More importantly, our spinning instructor is back and no more crappy stand in instructors.

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